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Trade partners?

  • A town in the Old Country - Exports: Money, Wool, Wood, Blue Dye, Settlers, Colonists - Imports: Everything, But only 'exotic' foodstuff in small quatities
  • Porter's Bar - Exports: Rice, Herbs, Alligator Skins, Salt, Giant Insect parts (from the swamp), very dark Green Dye, Copper from Baraduum. Imports: Iron, Steel, Sugar, Rum
  • A ?Egyptian-ish? town close to the entrance to the Closed Sea? - Exports: Linen, Red Dye, Citrus Fruits, Wood, Gold Imports: Hobgoblin slaves (galley slaves), Kobold Slaves (Mining Slaves)
  • Paria - a Dwarven mining stronghold on the Dragon Coast - Exports: Iron, Steel, Silver, Gemstones and KeepAll - Imports: Cereals, grains and cloth.
  • Wen Trading center on the Dragon Coast? Exports: Hobgoblin and Kobold Slaves, skins and furs. Imports: Food, metal weapons, cloth. build on these
  • Elves? Where?

Our Exports?

  • Kobold Slaves?
  • Sugar ?
  • Rum ?
  • Cereals?
  • Fish? But all ports have fish :(
  • Do socialised Kobolds mine Obsidian and olivine?
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