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Homes for PCs


In a campaign setting, every character deserves a home. While this page is designed for use with the Campaign Rules, there is no reason why they can't be applied more generally. If nothing else it might act as a seed for ideas of your own take on standards of living and the living costs rules.


Once you have reached the Standard of Living indicated in the Cost of Living Chart below, you gain a bonus home for free. This will add to your Influence and prestige. This is cumulative - you don't have to sell your house to get a mansion.

You may choose to upgrade the house to a mansion and buy another house somewhere else. You may, of course, purchase other residential properties if you wish. When you spend BP on a house it includes an element for property, servants and basic living costs.

Regular Housing

The 'normal' housing that you find in towns and cities and, occasionally, in villages and hamlets. Dwelling in this list can be upgraded to more luxurious dwellings in this list. If you meet the criteria, and you pay the BP difference, you may upgrade a property on this list to a property on one of the other lists, of the same ★ value.

Standard Housing
UrbanTown House {★★}0.50000000
UrbanHouse {★★★}10010000
UrbanMansion {★★★★}20110000
UrbanNoble Estate {★★★★★}50220000
UrbanSmall Palace {★★★★★★}80330000
UrbanGreat Palace {★★★★★★★}120440000

NOTE - Standard Homes are always located in a town or a city.


Fortified Housing

Normally found in rural or hinterland areas, you MIGHT get permission to build a Fortified Dwelling inside a town or a city - if you ask nicely! You can upgrade a Villa to a Fortified Manor, if you pay the difference in BP costs. This is a more limited approach to take as you cannot 'Upgrade' to any other lists. You can, of course, build other houses from other lists when you have the BP or are awarded a 'bonus' property.

Fortified Housing
Rural Villa{★★★}20010001
Rural Fortified Manor{★★★★}40110002
MilitaryCastle (Small) (★★★★)101130006
MilitaryCastle (Large) (★★★★)141240009

Caster's Housing

If you are spell caster, of any type you can choose to follow a more traditional development style. Again, it is a bit more limited, because your upgrade route, for a Caster's House, ends at the Caster's Tower.

NOTE: You cannot have any of these developments as 'Bonus' housing, although you can build them in the normal way.

Casters' Housing
ManufacturingMaster Craftsman {M} (★★★)2.52000000
ManufacturingAlchemist {M} (★★★)4.52001000
ManufacturingExotic Artisan {M} (★★★)4.52001000
ManufacturingHerbalist {M} (★★★)4.52001000
ManufacturingCaster Tower (★★★★)72001100
Magical Great Tower (★★★★★) 102001110

NOTE: This is a Three Step List: Master Craftsman > Alchemist OR Exotic Artisan OR Herbalist > Caster's Tower

Secondary Housing

Other Properties that that you own, you can maintain a room or an apartment for your use when you are in town. You can stay for free when you visit or assign them to your followers. However, you always have to pay the full BP cost for these buildings. They cannot be used as an upgrade for your Bonus Housing.

Secondary Housing
ResidentialApartment Block {★★}1.51100000
CommercialMercenary Base (★★)21000001
HospitalityRoad House {★★}22000000
ResidentialLarge Apartment Block {★★}32200000
ResidentialLodging House {★★★}2.51010000
HospitalityInn {★★★}43100000
MilitaryKeep (★★★)50120003
HospitalityHotel {★★★★}6.54210000
HospitalityGrand Hotel {★★★★★}10.56320000

Cost Of Living:

The homes and businesses you own generate an income that will cover food, clothes, accommodation, taxes and sundry expenses for the character. At higher levels you have servants to send on errands, body guards (if you need them) and all the trappings of wealth.

This just gives a rough idea of the standard of living you can expect from your investments / stronghold - it could form a pension or represents the income you pass onto your descendants. It is broadly based on the Food & Lodging (aka Monthly Cost of Living) guidelines at the bottom of this page.

Income Stars Living StandardResidents
0 - Scraping by - The lowest living standard, as experienced by beggars, the unemployed and the homeless. People might let you sleep on the floor occasionally, you find a squat or you sleep rough. You eat something most days, but it is often stale or going off - and there is never quite enough to feel satisfied, but you won't die of starvation. You wear whatever you can find - it is mismatched and often the wrong size for you.Think Street Children living rough, or in a Dickensian setting with Fagin in charge - as well as rough sleeping under bridges, doorways and parks. Money comes from begging, stealing or working a few hours for a couple of coppers.
1 The Basic living standard – as experienced by most unskilled workers and their families. You might get a bed to yourself, but you share everything else with lots of other people. You eat regularly, but it is mainly porridge, bread and vegetable stew - but can afford better occasionally. You probably have artisan style garb - but it may well be old, a bit patched or second hand. You need not track purchases of meals or taxes that cost 1 sp or less. In a town this might be a whole family living in a single room of a tenement block or small insecure huts in a favela or a shanty town. Out in the countryside it might be a single room hut made of the cheapest building materials, such as adobe with reed thatching. You probably earn a silver a day, on average.
3 ★★ The Common living standard - - You can afford to live in a small apartment, cottage or town house; eat regular meals and can afford occasional minor luxuries. You still wear artisan style clothing (costs less 10gp), but can afford clothes for everyday use – and a different set for ‘best’ – and they are in fairly good condition. You can secure any non-magical item worth 1 gp or less from your home in 1d10 minutes, and need not track purchases of common meals or taxes that cost 1 gp or less. Town House. This section includes most established commoners and their families - be they crafters, military, small holders or in any other regular job. Single people, or couples, might choose to live in in a tenement but have a whole room (or maybe two) to themselves - and only move into a larger apartment when they have a family.
9 ★★★ The Middle Class living standard - you can afford a decent sized apartment or house, eat well and can afford minor luxuries when you feel like it, but you still save up for bigger treats. You probably have a set of Courtier’s clothes for posh occasions. You can afford a servant or two to look after your home for you. You can secure any non-magical item worth 5 gp or less in your home, and need only track purchases of meals or taxes in excess of 5 gp. HouseMaster crafters, professional, military officers, middling clerics minor casters, low level aristocrats PCs at L4/5. The link between the working classes and the rulers.
27 ★★★★ The Aristocratic living standard - You can afford a mansion or manor house of your own – and you might well have a second home in the country. Food isn't a concern for you at all, and good meals are served up regularly in your household. You have two or three sets of Courtiers’ clothes and a Nobles’ suit for really special events. You can afford half-a-dozen servants/guards. One of your servants can secure any non magical item worth 5 gp or less in your home, and you need only track purchases of meals or taxes in excess of 15 gp. Mansion Mainly PCs and NPCs with PC class or Aristocrat levels. Think of Knights or Lairds who run a small country village estate, senior military officers such as Commanders or Captains or mid-level PCs. It might also include wealthy local merchants, high ranking church officials and successful local businessmen.
81 ★★★★★ Noble Living Standard - You may well have a noble estate in a city, as well homes in other cities. You go to events where courtier’s clothes are the absolute minimum, and have two or three different Noble’s outfits. You have a dozen servants / personal guards. You can secure any non-magical item worth 10 gp or less in your home, and need only track purchases of meals or taxes in excess of 25 gp. Noble Estate
243 ★★★★★★ Minor Royal living standard - You can afford to run a small palace with many servants and all the guards that entails. Very few taxes are a concern to you. Small Palace
729 ★★★★★★★ Kings and Emperors - If you aren’t a Ruling Noble - why not? Large Palace

Income = the BP generated by your personal or house holdings. This could include income from businesses, taxes or magical item generation.

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