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Character Building


You will have come to this page because you are creating a character for one of my games. It doesn’t matter whether you are creating a Primary, Secondary or Entourage character, they all need to go through the same basic design phases and conform to the same basic criteria.

You can find the Pathfinder rules here

Character Creation

You must look at the Character Creation Page before you go on to build any character :)

Character Development

  • Level Advancement - As per the book :)
  • Hit Points - You can choose to roll you HP or you can take the average - once you have decided, you must stick with that method for the lifespan of the character. The average of a six sided die is calculated (6+1)/2 which gives 3.5. But you can’t have half a hit point! So when you advance to an even number level (2,4,6 etc) you round down (in the case of a d6, you get 3hp). When you advance to an odd number level you round up (in this example you get 4 hp). :)
  • Multi-Classing - I am conflicted about multi-class characters. On one hand I love a well developed multi-class character. On the other hand, I hate characters that dip into different classes to try and optimise the build. The same rules about available classes apply to the second and subsequent classes. You may not take an archetype with your second, or subsequent, classes.
  • Prestige Classes - You need to talk to me first, but if you stay with Core Rule Book and Advanced Player Guide classes you should be OK. That said, some (such as Master Spy and Pathfinder Chronicler) may not be suitable for the game I am running. You might be able to convince me to allow other Paizo prestige Classes. Third party offers need a much stronger case. If you decide to build towards a prestige class, talk to me first. There is nothing worse than collecting all the criteria and then being told that the class doesn't fir for some reason.

Mythic Characters

You can find the Pathfinder Mythic rules here

I know this isn't the way it is intended to work but I want a way to mix Mythic and non-Mythic characters together in one game :)

I am really not sure how I am going to do this at the moment - but it might involve the offer of a Mythic Tier INSTEAD of advancing a class level. It might also involve restricting what powers are available at each tier.

A quick analysis made me think that a full Mythic Tier might cost two Class levels. The first level is replaced by the Basic Tier abilities, the second Class level is replaced by the Mythic Path abilities. Really not sure about this though - as Paizo think that two Mythic Tiers is about equivalent to +1ECL..


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