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Summon Psycopomp (Special Summoning)

School conjuration (summoning); Level cleric 1, (Clerics of 'death' gods only)

  • Casting Time 1 round
  • Components V, S, DF (Holy Symbol)
  • Range close (25 ft. + 5 ft./2 levels)
  • Effect 1 summoned Psychopomp
  • Duration (up to) 1 round/level (D)
  • Saving Throw none; Spell Resistance no


This spell summons an extra-planar creature, a small Spectral-Bird, who will guide a recently dead soul to judgment and their eventual afterlife. The cleric must have the body (or part there of) of a creature that has been dead for less than one day per level of the summoning cleric. The Spectral-Bird can collect one soul per round, up to the duration of the spell.

The Spectral-Bird cannot speak but understand's which souls it is supposed to guide, and can 'collect' one soul to guide per level of the summoning Cleric. It will not answer questions. It cannot attack, has 10hp, AC 15 - they are outsiders and have both the Psychopomp and Incorporeal monster subtypes. Bystanders must make a Will save of 15 or be shaken while the Spectral Guide is in sight. Clerics (or any type) are immune to this effect.

Hero's Grave

School transmutation; Level cleric 3, (Clerics of 'death' gods only)

  • Casting Time 1 Hour
  • Components V, S, M (see text)
  • Range touch
  • Target 1 Tomb or grave stone
  • Duration Instant
  • Saving Throw None


This spell allows you to consecrate a resting place fit for a hero by incorporating one item (that is personal to the deceased) into the material of the tomb or gravestone. After an hour of prayer the item embeds itself into the fabric of the tomb, in such a way that it is visible, but is also clearly a part of the tomb. For instance, a sword laid on top of a grave slab might sink (slightly) into the stone so as to still be visible but is also an embedded part of the material of the tomb.

Note: A spell such as Dispel Magic or Rock to Mud is required to remove the item from the tomb. Material Component: One item that was significant to the deceased.

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