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Some suitable Commoner Traits

As commoners progress (L2 +) they may gain one, or more, traits that represent life experience of low level training.

Trait Advantage
River Rat+1 Dagger Damage and Swim+1
BullyIntimidate is a class skill and Intimidate+1
Convincing LiarBluff is a class skill and Bluff+1
Criminal 1 Disable Device is a class skill and Disable Device +1
Criminal 2 Sleight of Hand is a class skill and +1 on Sleight of Hand
Life of ToilYou gain a +1 trait bonus on Fortitude saves.
Poverty StrickenSurvival is a class skill and Survival +1
SuspiciousSense Motive is a class skill and Sense Motive +1
MinerAppraise is a class skill and Appraise +1
River FolkProfession (sailor) +2 and +2 on any skill checks involving ropes
SmugglerBluff +1 and Sleight of Hand +1

New Commoner Traits

Trait Advantage Note
AuxiliaryProficient with Light Crossbow & Dagger: Prof(Soldier) +1 Military Servant / Missile Support
MilitiaProficient with Spear & Darts: Prof(Soldier) +1 P/T Reserve Soldier / Posse
Hunter Proficient with Light Crossbow & Dagger Survival +1 Small game hunting
WatchmanProficient with Club & Sling: Perception +1 Club for immediate protection, sling scares animals and cat-burglars. Shepherds and animal drovers are the 'Watchmen' of the countryside
Bandit (Commoner)Proficient with Club & Light Crossbow: Intimidate +1 -
Poacher Proficient with Club & Sling: Survival +1 Illicit small game hunting
Street GuideKnowledge Local is a class skill and Knowledge(Local) +1 -
House Keeper Craft(Cooking)+1, Craft(Clothing) +1 This could be a servant or a 'stay at home' husband/wife.
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