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Feats, Skills & Traits

My house rules for various Traits, Skills and Feats.



Commoners do not get starting trait in my games. However, they might pick up a Commoner Traits at second level - if it is appropriate.


Family Background - The expert grew up in crafting/professional family and has absorbed the family skill since the day they were born! Benefit = +2 in the family Craft/Profession/Knowledge Skill. This trait may only be taken as Character Creation, may only be taken by experts, may only be taken once and must be reflected in the Character's background story. Choose your skill wisely.


Proper Weapon - prerequisite: simple Weapons. Benefit - You are proficient in one LIGHT martial weapon. Some one in your family decided that you should learn to use a 'Proper' weapon suitable to your family background. For a Noble it might be a Short Sword, for a Woodsman a hand axe, A Smith might train in Light Hammer, while a Miner might use a Light Pick - etc


DCs for skill rolls - basic analysis

Knowledge:Fighting Styles - You study different combat styles, and can describe them and recognise them. This includes Duelling Styles, Monk Styles and Ranger Styles.

  • Common Style (seen) DC 10 (In Stolen Lands – Duelling and Ranger styles)
  • Rare Style (seen) DC20 (Monk styles)
  • Style is described to you or written description -5

Cookery - Craft:Cooking is all about cooking dinner. Profession:Cooking is all about running a professional kitchen. If you want to cook a simple meal for your family or adventuring group it is Craft:Cooking (which can be used untrained). If you want to a chef and run the kitchens in a mansion or a restaurant - you need Profession:Cooking.

Map Making - Craft Map: Drawing a map is a Craft Skill and can be used by anybody who has pen and paper (or the equivalent). This skill allows you to do a number of things. The Example (Right) is a good quality sketch map. The distances and sizes are reasonably accurate, as is the orientation and layout. A party with this map would know what to expect :] However, it is probably only worth 1 or 2 gp on the open market – but it will be worth much more to the right person.



  • Squire - The feat (as written) can be taken at L3 but, because of level limits, you can't recruit a squire until L4. This house-ruled version provides an alternative.
  • Leadership - Amended to account for NPC class followers.
  • Arcane Dabbler - very basic use of cantrips for non casters.
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