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Social Guidelines for use in my Pathfinder games

Marriage - How the different Pathfinder deities view matrimony.

Ranks and titles - equivalence of different ranks and titles.

  • Aristocratic Titles - some thoughts on Nobles titles and how they can be used.
  • Military Ranks - A unified military system that makes life easier for me :)
  • Religious Ranks - These don't apply to all faiths, are a bit mix and match and are meant as tool for PCs rather than a straight jacket.
  • Administrative Titles - People appointed to represent the Lord / Ruler / Mayor and their authority in an area.
  • Orders - covers positions in various Militant and Chivalric Orders
  • Other Titles - Academics and Guilds - there could be more later …

Great Nation Politics - some ways of ruling Large Countries or continent spanning Empires.

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