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This is home to Cyrus Lebeda-Ondari, Master of Ringbridge, and his wife Valoria. When Cyrus is away, Valoria rules in Ringbridge. It is an important strategic location, built to defend the bridge across the Shrike, and on the trade route between Midmarch and Restov. The town wall ensures the population will be safe, while The bastion defends the bridge across the river.

Ringbridge Main

It surrounds the Manor House and serves as the Town's main district, and contains ….

  • Ringbridge Manor: Garrisoned by units of Guards and Scouts the command of Zauria deLebeda. They are tasked with defending the keep and patrolling the local area, under the instruction of Master Cyrus. There is a villa, on top of the hill, that serves as home to the Lebeda-Ondari and provides a high lookout point with views across the surrounding countryside. The hill has a set of tunnels that lead through to concealed escape point. Zauria deLebeda commands the Ringbridge Garrison. She has a unit of scouts to patrol the hinterland and surrounding hexes, along with 2 guard units, one based in town and a second at Bastion to guard the bridge. They all wear the flag of Ringbridge as well as the Sword and Sickle Motif of Midmarch.
  • The Town Hall: Home of the Ringbridge Administration.
  • Torag's House: A forge-shrine in a Monastic House dedicated to Torag, run by Gandred the Dwarf.
  • A Symphony of Swans: However, this tavern is known simply as 'The Swans' to the locals. At the moment, meals are generally fairly basic - Vegetable, game or eel stew, with a selection of cheap to average drinks.
  • Winter's Wares and Spices: A general store specializing in exotic spices.
  • V&A Shipping: With a jetty set in the quieter waters of a slow bend in the Shrike River, supported by both a shipping office and a warehouse, V&A allows trade downstream towards Sootscale and Tusk. Upstream the river is not navigable because of a waterfall and cascades.
  • WSM Serai: At the nothern end of the district, WSM's Serai provides trade links to Feyfalls, Tusk and Oston - as well as other locations.
  • The Market: Somewhere for local fishers, farmers and crafts people to sell their wares.
  • The Public Baths: Lady Valoria's way of providing some basic services for the people of her town
  • Ringbridge Orphanage: House Lebeda-Ondari wish to ensure that all of their citizens get as good a start to life as possible.

Ringbridge North

Touted as a home for craftspeople and professionals, it feels a bit empty at the moment.

  • Quinn's Tailoring: A top quality tailor for all of your courtier or noble clothing requirements. Bespoke items on request.
  • Roses: A small shop selling supplies for wizards and other casters.
  • The Stone Mason: A new craft workshop, dealing in statuary, headstones & other tablets, as well as worked stone suitable for building.
  • Umberweed the Herbalist: Herbal remedies - as well as cooking herbs and components.
  • Veeliker the Taxidermist: Hunting Trophies, or deceased pets, stuffed to a high standard!
  • Ringbridge Library: Provides lessons in reading and writing, as well as stocking a selection of books.

The Bastion

A watchtower built to the south of the town, at the foot of the bridge across the Shrike, as Sir Cyrus fills his responsibility to ensure that the bridge is properly guarded. The sergeant here falls under the authority of Zauria deLebeda, the Guard Commander at Ringbridge manor. It can develop as a small independent village, if anyone chooses to invest here.

Business Analysis

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