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The Southern Chapter of the Brevic Knights

The Southern Chapter is part of the Brevic Knights, a Sovereign Chivalric Order dedicated to the defence of Brevoy and eventually responsible to the king of Brevoy (The Order's Grand Commander). The Southern Chapter is a combined chapter, responsible for all the Southern Region, rather than dedicated to protecting the property and status of a single Noble House. Note

Details of Chapters, rank qualification and other orders can be found here.


Knight-Captain is the head of the Order and is responsible only to the regent, who is the Grand Commander of the Brevic Order.

Knight Commander

Knight Commanders are the Senior Knights in a State or Region and titular heads of their sub-chapter. Technically, they lead their troops into battle, although they generally appoint a deputy to act as field commander of their forces. Note

  • Sir Cyrus Lebeda-Ondari - Lord Ringbridge, Commander of the Midmarch Section.
  • Sir Kendrick Winters - Marshal-Dominus of Tusk and Commander of the Tusk Section.

Knights of the Order

A top quality combatant and leader - possibly from the following prestige classes - Student of War, Noble Scion, Justicar, Eldritch Knight or their equivalent . Knights created in 'recognized' Independent Orders , or anyone who has achieved the rank of Sword Lord or Duelling Master in a recognised duelling style, is automatically eligible for this rank if they are invited to join the order. Knights can call on their officers, and the military, for help.

Knights have the right to develop an independent stronghold and to recruit military personnel. In return, they are expected to defend the Region and support the chapter. Knights of the Southern Order are expected to serve with The Field Army, in times of war.

  • Sir Henry leMaistre - Baron Gates and Viscount of Midmarch
  • Sir Cyrus Lebeda-Ondari - Lord-Dominus of Ringbridge
  • Sir Kendrick Winters - Marshal-Dominus of Tusk
  • Sir Domitius Aldori-Solanus - Merchant of Ringbridge
  • Sir Andalon de Lebeda - Chancellor-Dominus of Tusk and Bishop of Abadar
  • Sir Borric d'Cordain - Chief Magistrate of Midmarch (npc)
  • Dame Viktoria Lodovka-Sud - Merchant Venturer and Lady Dominus.
  • Dame Rikka deleMaistre - Armourer and Treasurer-Dominus of Midmarch (npc)
  • Dame Mariam doZima Wolfeater - Leader of Iomedae's Mission in Tusk. (npc)
  • Sir Tiberezi deleMaistre - Bailiff of the leMaistre estates and commander of Henry's Company (npc)

Officers of the Order

This is an interim level. Officers must have proved their combat ability on a mission sanctioned by The Chapter's leaders. Note: Officers have the authority to enforce the law, call a posse together, give chase etc. They might also carry out administrative duties and support their knights when called on.

Officers have the right to develop an independent stronghold and to recruit military personnel. In return, they are expected to defend the Region and support the chapter. Officers of the Southern Order are expected to serve with The Home Army, in times of war.

  • Lord Cass Mordane - Lord Mayor of Tusk Town and Master of Silverton
  • Lord-Dominus Marik Aeris - Lord of Newdawn, Ironkeep and Sootscale.
  • Lord-Dominus Adoven Lodovka-Sud - Merchant Venturer
  • Safiya Vallani - Mistress of Whiterun and Feyfalls
  • Ethankos - beloved of Pharasma
  • Marceline - Scourge of Pharasma, based at Silverton
  • Alisa D'Medvyed-Solanus - Purveyor of magical requirements in Tusk and Priestess of Acanva
  • Kiera Raincutter-Solanus - Innkeeper in Tusk
  • Minia Dosalic - Swordswoman and landowner
  • Maple Dosalic - Druidess and landowner
  • Rana Nervetti - New to town
  • Jensen the Paladin – Associate and confident of Lord Mordane
  • Percy Arndell - Merchant and Gentleman Poet
  • Bai leMaistre-Kao - First Lady of Midmarch
  • Lady-Dominus Pipre - Lady-Advocate of Tusk, Alchemist and Patron of Learning
  • Valoria Lebeda-Ondari - Lady of Ringbridge and Keeper of the Spells
  • March-Lord Zelona - Druidess of Gozreh and leaders of Old Keep
  • El'indre M'Taro - Swordswoman and mercenary commander.
  • Rook Sanderson - Guardian of Elkwall.
  • Aris'ta - Military Commander, The Old Camp.
  • Zorah - Druidess of the Green and owner of the Bar-Z ranch
  • Lex the Green - Countryman and master bowyer at Old Keep
  • Tansy of Tusk - Innkeeper in Tusk
  • Ron Swansov - Craftsman of Tusk
  • Rose of the North - purveyor of magical requirements in Ringbridge
  • Fiddler Ashfoot - Cleric of Erastil at Oston
  • Quinn M'Taro - Tailor in Ringbridge
  • Quentin Ragoon - Property Owner in New Dawn
  • Dara Algot - Mother and Herbalist in New Dawn

Members of the Order

This is the junior level of membership. Members must have proved their value to the region as a whole, or one of the individual states. Note:

Members have the right to develop a subsidiary stronghold and limited authority to recruit military personnel. In return, they are expected to defend the Region and support the chapter. Members of the Southern Order are expected to organise the The Mob, when they gather to defend their homes.

Most NPCs start at this level.

  • Beatrix leMaistre – Pharasman Abbess from Tusk
  • Gabriel The Ranger – Associate and confident of Lord Aeris
  • Barbatius Scaurus – Associate and confident of Sir Domitius
  • Pemar deleMaistre – Governor of Wyvern Bridge
  • Sveltlana Leverson – Governor of Oston
  • Loy Rezbin - Governor of Tatzleford.
  • Lutz Stigmar, Priest of Torag
  • Maril Green - long-standing servant of Midmarch
  • Helga of Reedham - long-standing servant of Midmarch
  • Yolen the Reformed – long-standing servant of Midmarch
  • Berta Roth – Businesswoman of the region.
  • Yasmin Aldori Yitis – Businesswoman of Tusk
  • Robert Samuels - Master of the Lodkova Military Academy in Tusk
  • Gandred of Ringbridge - Priest and Bailiff of Ringbridge.

Deputies of the Order

State Military Officers holding the rank of Lt, or above, or who hold an appointment as Sub Magistrate and are Honorary Deputies of the Order. Technically, they act under the authority of an Officer or Knight, although they are seen to be competent and capable of making minor decisions alone. In the case of exceptional service, they may be elevated to the rank of Member.

  • Vova - Drunken Adventurer
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