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NPC Classes

As a world designer, I have never been very happy with the way that NPCs were handled as D&D developed, and that has run through into Pathfinder, and there have been too many hangovers from earlier editions, that don't quite work anymore. Instead, I use a base demographic of (roughly) 60+ % commoners, 30+ % other NPC classes and about 5% PC classes when I am world building. Level 1 NPCs are normally young adults, and most 'Normal Adults' are level 2. Those NPCs with good training or an established career (Soldiers, Town Guards, established Clergy, skilled Craftsmen, PC classes) are generally level 3 - with leaders at Level four or five. Most NPCs who progress beyond L5 will have a level or two in a PC class.

These are some of the archetypes that I use.

Commoners - Never quite fitted in. They are just good enough that they almost make Experts redundant on a day to day basis. So a slight rework, but without too many changes.

Adept Archetypes - I have never liked Adepts, they really don't model any spell casting class well. While I do use the standard cleric occasionally, I have a a set of Adept Archetypes that model the casting classes much more effectively.

Warrior Archetypes - The Warrior is a nice bland simplified fighter-type that serves well for the bulk of the army and town guard. However, it is nice to have something a bit of a different occasionally - especially if you are using my Campaign Rules. These archetypes cam also be used as a training stage for a number of Martial PC classes - particularly useful if you use my House Ruled version of the Squire Feat.

Aristocrat Archetypes - The basic Aristocrat is quite nice, but it is limited …

This page is here to help me remember what the rules are, and for your information :) If you have come here to build an Entourage -Assistant remember:-

  • Commoners and Aristocrats need special permission from the DM (and good back story)
  • Adepts must have one of the archetypes listed here
  • Warriors may have one of the archetypes, although you may also choose a standard warrior. (There archetypes were written, originally, for the Squire feat - but they work just as well for troops and entioourages)
  • Experts do not have any house-ruled archetypes and should use the standard Expert description. (imo - it is one of the few NPC classes that is truly fit for purpose :)
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