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Just a few miles outside Tusk, this small town is a convenient stopping place for the Mule and Ox Trains that travel through Midmarch and a magnet for those who want to be near the 'Big City' while still retaining the benefits of a quieter life.

Updated July 2021

  • Silverton Fort where Lt Taps has command of a contingent of Lord Mordane's house-guards.
  • The Celestial Congress, a better quality inn than you might expect in such a small town. It also boasts a shrine dedicated to Cayden Cailean.
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  • Mordane Hall, recently opened, it provides a place for performers and entertainers of all disciplines to get together as well as putting on concerts, shows and performances. Think of it as a local theatrical/music/comedy venue.
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  • Pharasma's Mission - Home to Marceline's Pharasmin Order dedicated to the staying of undead. It consists of :-
    • Friary - Marceline's home and HQ for the order.
    • Crypt - A safe place for the burial of members and local dignitaries.
    • Military School - Dedicated to training Crypt guards and those who wish to seek out, and destroy undead in Pharasma's name.
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  • The Southern Observer - Home to The Southern Region's first news-sheet. Brought to you by Irori's Children.
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  • Silversun Farm - A small, farm close to town, that serves as home to Jensen the Paladin. It specialises in healing herbs and has a small herbalist shop, selling a number of different remedies.
  • Home Farm - a small mixed economy farm
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